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This unique, patented tool is purposed for use in the remanufacturing of alternators and other remanufactured automotive products, with tight fit applications and odd configurations to be removed from shafts.  It is designed to achieve one or more of the following pulls:

- An inside adjusted pull upon an item mounted to a member

- An outside adjusted pull upon an item mounted to a member

- A bilateral pull mounted on a member

- A radially adjusted movement to expand and contract the size of a pulling radius by finger members that rotate in four different directions

Complete Universal Rotating Scroll Puller Kit Includes:

- 1 Four-Finger Master Assembly

- 1 Five-Finger Master Assembly

- 1 Six-Finger Master Assembly

- 5 116-Fingers

- 4 130-Fingers

- 4 132-Fingers

- 6 133-Fingers

- 6 134-Fingers

- 4 135-Fingers

- 4 136-Fingers

- 6 137-Fingers

- 1 Bolt Extension for Universal Rotating Scroll Puller

* Listed products can also be purchased separately in our store

C508-1350 pullers .jpg

Patent Pending

Removes Bearings & Races  Super-Fast in Seconds

DELCO  Alternators

Automotive, Industrial, Marine

Applications with  35mm bearings behind slip-rings  against straight or spiral fans

DENSO  Alternators

Automotive, Industrial

Denso hairpin type alternators rotors with 35mm bearing inside dust shield 

*Many other applications 

This tool:

- Removes 35mm - 6202 bearings on Delco 24SI/28SI alternator rotors with straight or spiral plastic fans

- Removes bearings without touching the end of the shaft, therefore will not cause damage to the slip ring or shaft

- Removes  inner bearing races on 35mm - 6202  bearings

- Removes 35mm bearings off Denso alternator rotors with dust shield 

- Removes 35mm inner bearing race off Denso alternator rotors with dust shield

- Operates by holding the bearing tight on the outside surface and pushing the rotor away

- Comes with one each Delco and Denso bearing collet and one bearing race collet  

- Comes with an adapter plate for Delco rotors and a spacer bar for Denso rotors


This hand-held bushing puller is available with a Tee handle bolt for bench operation. It removes blind-hole bushings and needle bearings in starters and alternators for motorcycles, heavy machinery, automobiles, and boats. 

Works on bushings of various sizes. See chart for details.

Other features:

- Easy to use

- 23 different size collets

- Can be adapted to other bench pullers


This line of unique, patented tools are handheld integral gauges for comparing automotive starters so that replacement starters will accurately match the starter being replaced to avoid poor engagement and premature failure of flywheels and starters.  The gauge is mounted on the starter to be replaced to get initial measurement (in ten thousandths).  The gauge is then mounted in the same way on the replacement starter to compare, thus determining an accurate fit.

Housing Comparison Gauge Set Includes:

- 1 Housing Comparison Gauge (Staggered)

- 1 Housing Comparison Gauge (Left-Opening)

- 1 Housing Comparison Gauge (Right-Opening)

* Listed parts can also be purchased separately in our store


These fixtures are designed to compress the drive gear, allowing the user to remove the lock ring and retainer. The C508-7400 Drive Compression Fixture assists with removal on Denso automotive and industrial starter drives, while the C508-7500 Drive Compression Fixture assists with the removal on Delco 39MTs and Mitsubishi truck and industrial starter drives without disassembling the starter.  

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