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The C508-F137 Finger is a versatile and sturdy tool that is specifically designed for the removal of serpentine and V-groove pulleys. Its unique finger design allows for a secure and reliable grip, making it an essential addition to any mechanic's toolbox. This finger is compatible with the Universal Rotating Scroll Puller (URSP) - Six Finger Master Assembly, as well as the Four and Five Finger Master Assemblies, providing a wide range of pulling options for various pulley sizes from 2 inches to four inches indiameter . Made from durable materials, the C508-F137 Finger is built to withstand the rigors of Heavy duty use.

C508-F137 Finger Designed to remove Serpentine and V-Groove pulleys.

SKU: C508-URSP-F137
$59.10 Regular Price
$50.83Sale Price
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