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- Change the gear out in the field or in the shop just by removing the solenoid

- Now change the gear without taking the starter completely apart


Remove the Solenoid Assembly and install the plastic shift lever insert with bolt, in the place of the solenoid.  Rotate the bolt until the drive gears move outward; when it stops, just lightly snug the bolt (never use a wrench) by hand. Install the quick release bar clamp with the pusher plate mounted over the drive gear just like the picture.  Have the threaded handle in the middle of the arm.  Now rotate inward until you see the gear mve backward.  It will stop when the gear is fully back.  The spring tension will be gone.  It should only be about 3-4 turns of the handle.  The drive will be pushed back so that hte ring and retainer can be removed for easy gear replacement. 

7500 Drive Compression Fixture Kit

SKU: C508-7500-KT
$94.05 Regular Price
$74.00Sale Price
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