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               A Newly improved bearing removal system   

_ Removes those Tough to reach challenging bearings on Delco 24SI / 28SI and Denso Alternators With Dust Shield. 

- Removes Bearings & Races Super-Fast In Seconds.
- Removes 35mm - 6202 bearings on Delco  24SI / 28SI Alternators Rotors, both Straight or spiral plastic fans.

- Removes bearings without touching the end of the shaft, therefore will not cause damage to the slip ring

- Removes 35mm bearings off Denso Alternator rotors, with and without dust shields.

- Operates by holding the bearing or race tight on the outside surface and pushing the rotor away.

Easy Transition for right handed or left handed use.

Easy Transition to change collets from Delco to Denso or Bearing race removal.


C508-2019 Collet Bearing Pusher

SKU: C508-2019
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