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The Universal Rotating Scroll Puller (URSP) Drive End Kit is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for removing alternator end frames,pulleys,and bearings with ease. This complete kit includes three different master assembly options to accommodate various end frame sizes and shaped holes, including the four-finger, five-finger, and six-finger master assemblies. With its rotating scroll design, this tool allows for smooth and efficient pulling, minimizing the risk of damage or distortion to the end frame. The URSP Drive End Kit also comes with a total of 39 fingers to ensure you have the right tool for the job every time. This includes 5 of the C508-USRP-F116, 4 of the C508-USRP-F130, 4 of the C508-USRP-F132, 6 of the C508-URSP-F133, and 6 of the C508-URSP-134. and 6 of the C508-USRP-F137  Serentine pulley fingers and 4 of the C508-URSP-F135 and 4 of the C508-URSP-F136 Fingers and 1 C508-00121 Shaft. extention.

Universal Rotating Scroll Puller (URSP) Complete Kit

$2,746.00 Regular Price
$2,498.86Sale Price
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