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Introducing the Universal Rotating Scroll Puller (URSP) - Six Finger Master Assembly, the ultimate tool for all your pulley, bearing, and alternator frame removal needs. This master assembly is specifically designed for use in the remanufacturing of alternators, with a unique scroll action that allows for multiple adjusted pulls using 3, 4, or 6 fingers. With 8 optional different designed fingers available , this versatile tool can effortlessly remove V-groove, or Serpentine pulleys, Bearings, and Alternator End Frames with ease. No matter the job, the URSP Six Finger Master Assembly is up to the task, making it a must-have for any professional working in the automotive industry. Say goodbye to struggling with difficult removals and streamline your process with this innovative and powerful tool.

Universal Rotating Scroll Puller (URSP) - Six Finger Master Assembly

$530.00 Regular Price
$450.50Sale Price
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